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Wadi Rum - a Bedouin experience

Wadi Rum is in the South of Jordan and is a both an amazing landscape in the desert and an opportunity to try to understand how the traditional Bedouin tribes lived. The amazing moonscape has also inspired many writers and filmmakers over the years.  In fact in is the setting for Lawrence of Arabia.

Unfortunately most the traditional Bedouin life has all but disappeared in this valley.  There are still some camels and tents in the valley and surrounding valleys outside of the nature reserve but many are for the tourists. You can take tea with Bedouin families or stay out with them in their tents. The tents are made from camel and goat hair and stay amazingly cool despite rising temperatures.

There are a couple of camps you can stay at around Wadi Rum and I can recommend staying in Bait Ali which offers a range of accommodation from tents to apartment style rooms with air conditioning. We stayed in October in the small mud clad rooms you can see on the website and they were very comfortable. If you were visiting in the summer the air conditioning would be essential.

There are many options for exploring the area as well so there is something for everyone. The balloon rides look amazing but beware you have to book in advance and they only operate on certain days. Check with the hotel and make sure you time your trip appropriately if balloon rides are your thing.  Bait Ali also offer quad bike rides into the desert and in my case I rode out to see the sunrise. It was not only fun, but also amazing to be out and feel like we had the desert to ourselves.

A close day trip or event on the way might be to our snorkelling or scuba diving in the Red Sea. The spot that we chose was at the Royal Jordanian Yacht Club. The club facilities are a little dated but ignore all that and go change into your gear and grab a snorkel and flippers.  From a short walk out on the pier you can launch out and transport yourself into another world. The quality of the coral and fish varieties will amaze.  Unexpected was also the clarity of the water making this an excellent day trip for those who love the water and all things in it.

Travel photographs from Wadi Rum including the camels and bedouin tents.

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