Turkey – Ephesus – The Terrace Houses

Published 30th August 2011 by Zara

Some places can draw the traveller back for more and Ephesus is such an interesting Roman ruin that on a recent ZeeGlobe trip to Turkey it was included in the itinerary again. Learning from the previous ZeeGlobe visit we arrived early before both the heat of the day and the buses of tourists. Both of these are to be avoided at all costs.

What set this visit apart was the visit to The Terrace Houses. The entrance is within the complex and an additional fee is required. Perhaps it was the heat or maybe the fee but for some reason it was the one area by-passed on a previous trip. The houses formerly occupied by the wealthy living in Efes city are now covered by a very elaborate shed. It is not until you enter that it is obvious as to why. Inside is an ongoing restoration of these houses.

To preserve the site but give everyone a good look there are excellent catwalks which allow you to see into the rooms and houses. Here you can see incredible detail of the plaster workmanship and tiling of the area.

Historians have used the restored buildings to be able to piece together a clearer picture of what daily life was like here in this amazing city. So if you are visiting Ephesus make sure you take the time and effort to have a look around the Terrace Houses.

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