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Bangkok and Wat Phra Kaeo Temple

Apparently it had been some time since my first and only visit to Bangkok,  so it was with great pleasure that I saw massive changes since my last time here. So when was that? Even I found it hard to believe that was in 1994 and a startling 16 years had passed.

When I last landed at the airport it was the scene for Nicole Kidman’s first movie Bangkok Hilton. For readers old enough and south enough on the globe to remember that it was enough to spook any would be smuggler. Getting into Bangkok was an experience in its own right. My memory was of dirt roads but obviously that wasn’t the case – but definitely no freeways.

Imagine my surprise when there is a beautiful airport and we whizz into the city on the freeway network. The hotel is by the river and I chuckle to myself as I realise I didn’t even know there was a river last time I was here.  So we’ve all moved on in that 16 years.

Having read Lonely Planet’s – Places to See Before You Die, I was inspired to jump on a ferry and go and see Wat Phra Kaeo Temple. It is absolutely magic and a must do if you’re visiting Bangkok.

Travel photographs from Wat Phra Temple, Bangkok River and local markets

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