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Every experience we seek out as we travel is defined by our own history.

Having grown up in a remote farming region in New Zealand a journey to the local town was considered a trip.  However my mother installed a sense of exploring the world and my father the belief that you can do anything.

So it was no surprise to anyone when the graduation certificate wasn’t even dry before I took off on my first adventure out of the Southern Hemisphere.  It was a perfect antidote to the formality and structure of law school.  To be fair I had already broken that mould by completing a post graduate diploma in winemaking.  A keen interest in wine had developed while I was working as a restaurant cook through university.

Years and three career moves later the passion for travel has continued and grown.  I purchased my first film SLR on that first trip and have been a keen documenter of the places and people.  Much like my palate for wines, my taste and appreciation for travel has evolved in time.  Earlier days were spent in North America and Western Europe.  Now I seek out the complexity of countries such as Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Cambodia.  The list seems to be growing faster than I can get there.

Previously I was under the misconception that these countries were the travel domain of backpackers, hippies or hard core adventurists in khaki clothing.  Each time I have been proven wrong both being surprised by the diversity of options for everyone.  Well past “roughing” it there are so many options for staying in boutique hotels converted from local historical sites.

Choosing travel destinations for me these days is about visualizing what a place might look like and the interest it offers to try a new previously unconsidered destination.  Many of us don’t have time to trawl through the internet to flick between web sites to plan a trip.  I always found a lot of the sites are excellent once you’ve decided where to go but not if you’re looking for ideas and inspiration its difficult. Hopefully ZeeGlobe will be a source of inspiration and a chance to see what some of these places look like.

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